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It never ceases to amaze me what I learn from fearful flyers.  And takeoff has been the source of many insights. I “get” it that many fearful flyers are rattled by the “rockin’ and rollin’” during the takeoff roll down the runway. What surprises me is that for many, getting airborne provides no relief.  Instead of feeling comforted by the acceleration and climb, many fearful...

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A fearful flyer sent us this comment about his fear of flying through turbulence:  “I wish that pilots would communicate more with the passengers. For example, that they would explain the turbulence and how long it will likely last. Also I often find that when they say turbulence is coming and to fasten one’s seatbelt, that turbulence turns out not to be as bad as the turbulence they...

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After the recent United Airlines turbulence incident and subsequent news coverage, those with a fear of flying (plus those not afraid to fly!) have been wondering about the wisdom of flying. Especially when flying can lead to turbulence that injured 21 people.  A lot of people hate turbulence or fear it, so the email below from Toni is typical of those we received. Capt. Ron’s response...

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Most people who come to us for help overcoming their fear of flying have issues with takeoffs or turbulence.  That’s why we’ve posted helpful articles on FearlessFlight.com about  turbulence and takeoffs. Occasionally people have experienced a bad landing that stuck in their mind and made them fearful about that portion of the flight. ...

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Our new poll “What’s the Scariest Part of Flying” has been up on FearlessFlight.com for about a month.  Almost 900 people have voted.  Many more people have looked at the choices of the poll and have apparently been too afraid to even enter their opinion.   Takeoffs…YIKES!  Landings…Oh MY!  Turbulence…HOLY cow! ...

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Takeoffs, turbulence, thunderstorms…fearful flyers worry about a lot of the same things. This week, Mother Nature delivered a new twist to the fear of flying worry list:  a volcano and volcanic ash from the eruption in Iceland. Exactly what is the big deal with this big white cloud that has grounded so many passengers? What was it that made flying so bad that 95,000 flights were canceled...

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Fear of flying leads people to do strange things. Avoid flying. Drive for miles and miles. Take trains. Dread vacations and honeymoons. Hate turbulence. Bolt off a plane just before the door closes. But for a man in Scotland, his fear of flying was so bad, he could barely walk off the plane. This last behavior may sound strange for a fearful flyer. Landing is cause for celebration: ...

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PBS Frontline aired an excellent documentary recently called “Flying Cheap.” It highlighted the problems with regional airlines—those airlines that supplement major airlines by flying routes not profitable to fly with larger planes.  Frontline chose to air the program on the anniversary of the Colgan Air crash near Buffalo, NY. I was surprised when I saw the special.  And if I was...

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The Mission

Flying is my passion ever since I was a small boy. I’ve discovered so many fear the very thing I love, I vowed that my mission is to change the way people experience flying.


How we can help!

We offer fearful flyers education, coping strategies, tools, and techniques to help them change the way they experience flying.


Overcome your Fears

Using the tools we provide, you can comfortably and confidently board your next flight, knowing you will be able to handle the overwhelming anxiety and fear.

Happy Passengers!

November 2, 2012
From October 1987 to October 2012, I only took one flight from Phoenix to Minneapolis in 2007 and I was terrified, and made up my mind to never fly again. Then I fell in love online with a Filipina, and knew I had to do something to...

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