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Received this message from a new subscriber: Flying scares me because I am always worried that something will go wrong. Turbulence makes me very nervous and I freeze up. I can't do anything during turbulence except look out the window and wait until it stops.  Landing doesn't scare me because I know the flight will be over soon. I am also relaxed when the flight is cruising at altitude and...

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Overcoming Fear of Flying - When You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know! How do you get over something like fear of flying if you can’t wrap your brain around airplanes and aviation? Unless you have some basic understanding of flying and airplanes, it’s hard to put your finger on what it is that you don’t know. Take this email (above) that just came in from a COACH MEMBER...

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If you’re a fearful flyer, maybe you’ve had someone who didn’t find your fear of flying real or believable.  Maybe they thought you are making this often debilitating fear up. Like maybe all those tears and all that anxiety qualified you for an academy award or something. ...

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“Give me three double martinis!” science fiction novelist Ray Bradbury told Delta Airlines before he boarded a cross-country flight. Bradbury didn’t exactly have a novel way to board an airplane. Many use alcohol. But the alcohol gave him the courage to get on the plane, and once he was there, he had an amazing insight about the origin of his fear of flying. ...

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The Mission

Flying is my passion ever since I was a small boy. I’ve discovered so many fear the very thing I love, I vowed that my mission is to change the way people experience flying.


How we can help!

We offer fearful flyers education, coping strategies, tools, and techniques to help them change the way they experience flying.


Overcome your Fears

Using the tools we provide, you can comfortably and confidently board your next flight, knowing you will be able to handle the overwhelming anxiety and fear.

Happy Passengers!

November 2, 2012
From October 1987 to October 2012, I only took one flight from Phoenix to Minneapolis in 2007 and I was terrified, and made up my mind to never fly again. Then I fell in love online with a Filipina, and knew I had to do something to...

Joseph S

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