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…Put Your Mask on First and then… How many times have you heard that briefing in preparation for past flights? I gave a couple of local TV interviews here in the Phoenix area recently. I'm disappointed by the choice of words used in media reports about the recent Southwest Flt 812 incident: "Terrifying," "loud bang," "hole ripped in ceiling," “thought I was going to die," etc. I...

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People who are afraid to fly like to dwell on airplane crashes.  Imagine that! Okay, so yes, I’ll admit it.  Airplanes do crash.  But the likelihood of it happening to the one you’re on is pretty slim.  The latest airplane crash statistics show that your kid has a better chance of growing up to be President of the United States than you have of dying in a plane crash. So let’s...

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As a fear of flying and aviation expert, the aftermath of the Miracle on the Hudson brought requests from the local media for my take on US Airways Flight 1549’s ditching in the Hudson River.  In one day, I appeared on one channel three times as an aviation expert and once for my fear of flying expertise....

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A fearful flyer in class admitted that her fear of flying was centered on being afraid to fly over water. “I’ve never flown over an ocean,” she said. ” In case of an emergency, where does the plane land?” The obvious difference between flying over water and flying cross country is the absence of land underneath.  So we increase the amount of fuel reserves and have very specific...

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The Mission

Flying is my passion ever since I was a small boy. I’ve discovered so many fear the very thing I love, I vowed that my mission is to change the way people experience flying.


How we can help!

We offer fearful flyers education, coping strategies, tools, and techniques to help them change the way they experience flying.


Overcome your Fears

Using the tools we provide, you can comfortably and confidently board your next flight, knowing you will be able to handle the overwhelming anxiety and fear.

Happy Passengers!

I had to go on our corporate jet to Dallas yesterday and come back today. I did well on the trip there! When the turbulence hit I remembered one of the fear of flying solutions and actually tried to enjoy the turbulence! I enjoyed the class…I felt confident and relaxed...

Carol K

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