Overcoming your fear of flying ultimately requires getting on a plane and flying somewhere.

If you’re near the Phoenix airport, Capt Ron’s CFT 201—The Advanced Class is a good way to accomplish this goal.

CFT 201, The Advanced Class – This Is Where It All Comes Together

The Advanced Class was designed as the capstone to Cleared for Takeoff 101, a fear of flying class that takes place in the classroom and on a static airplane. The Advanced Class offers the opportunity to test your new education and coping skills during a short round-trip flight (about an hour each way) to an airport in southern California or Nevada.

I’ve learned that having a short flight and the satisfaction of saying “I did it!” go a long way toward lowering your anxiety before setting off on your own—especially if you haven’t flown for awhile or you have an important trip coming up. The real benefit of the class is having me to assist you and the group of fellow fearful flyers working toward the same goal: overcoming fear of flying.

I highly recommend that you attend Cleared for Takeoff 101. It is held the evening before the Advanced Class to maximize the confidence and momentum past flyers have expressed following the class. One advantage of the Advanced Class is my personal attention. But the biggest benefit is the camaraderie that comes with flying with a group of like-minded fellow fearful flyers.

Special Pre-flight Video

To prepare for the flight in addition to the CFT 101 Class the evening before, you will receive a special video that helps prepare for the flight that you can download/save and watch on your computer or upload to a mobile device. You can use it on future flights as well.

The video includes a detailed briefing about the flight so you can set your expectations. Being able to set expectations is instrumental in putting yourself in control of your thoughts–the opposite of the out-of-control feelings that most fearful flyers experience. Expectations based on facts help to reduce your anticipatory anxiety, which is the type of anxiety that triggers most panic attacks.

You’ll get special instructions when you register for the class including the time and location to report for the class on the day of the flight. We will once again go through a short but detailed briefing to review the highlights of the flight and other important information so you can once again set your expectations. We will board the flight in a group and sit as close together as possible.

Immediately after landing at our destination, we will debrief the flight. I don’t want anyone to become MORE fearful from what they experience during the Advanced Class, so the debrief is very important to resolve any issues that came up during the flight. I know that after unpleasant flying experiences many became fearful flyers because they didn’t have any follow-up to obtain factual explanations of what they experienced and to process these unpleasant experiences.

Lunch and Then….

After the debrief, we will enjoy lunch and relax a bit. This adds to the realism of just what flying is all about—the safest and most efficient way to travel and have fun when you reach your destination. Sometimes student get bored waiting for the return flight. Imagine that!

Finally it’s time to board the plane for the flight home. Again, I go through a briefing as to what to expect as well as answer questions. This may be an opportunity for some to feel how fear “resets” itself. Perfect timing because you’ll have Capt Ron right there to provide reassurance for the flight home.

Your Fearless Flight Back to Phoenix

The flight home is usually far different from the experience in the morning. Most flyers experience very few of the issues that once troubled them—as recently as when they arrived at the airport that morning. By lunch, most students are smiling and having such a good time. Some even fall asleep!

After we deplane in Phoenix, we’ll again have a short debrief before sending everyone off as newly launched Fearless Flyers! This usually amounts to a group picture and some heartfelt cheers.

Next Class: Check event listing below and register now!


The Mission

Flying is my passion ever since I was a small boy. I’ve discovered so many fear the very thing I love, I vowed that my mission is to change the way people experience flying.


How we can help!

We offer fearful flyers education, coping strategies, tools, and techniques to help them change the way they experience flying.


Overcome your Fears

Using the tools we provide, you can comfortably and confidently board your next flight, knowing you will be able to handle the overwhelming anxiety and fear.

Happy Passengers!

November 2, 2012
From October 1987 to October 2012, I only took one flight from Phoenix to Minneapolis in 2007 and I was terrified, and made up my mind to never fly again. Then I fell in love online with a Filipina, and knew I had to do something to...

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